Farro & Co's Digital Asset Services empower HNW clients to explore non-traditional assets and optimise their fiscal climate through international mobility solutions.

Global Expansion Made Effortless

From strategic residence and citizenship planning to seamless company incorporation in crypto-friendly jurisdictions, we ensure your business thrives on an international scale.

Early-Stage Access

We help our clients gain privileged access to early-stage opportunities within the Digital Asset Ecosystem. We do so, by collaborating with businesses that track groundbreaking ventures before they hit the mainstream market.

Tokenized Asset Opportunities

We bring high caliber fractional ownership opportunities of real-world assets which includes owning shares in premium real estate, fine wine, rare time pieces, precious art, and other tangible assets.

Regulated Digital Asset Banks

We help our clients safeguard their digital assets with confidence by leveraging our access to reputable and regulated digital asset banks and asset managers.

Pioneering Nations in the Digital Asset Landscape


The Dubai Government announced the inception of its ‘Blockchain Strategy’ that will enable the creation of new businesses through the power of blockchain technology. The market volume for businesses using this technology is expected to reach USD 300 million over the next five years.


Singapore is at the forefront of driving cryptocurrency adoption across the Asia-Pacific region, exhibiting substantial support through a noteworthy funding of approximately USD 196 million for cryptocurrency enterprises up to the third quarter of 2022, spread across 24 distinct transactions.


The introduction of Blockchain regulations by the Maltese government has spurred companies to set up in Malta. This includes major DLT-based cryptocurrency exchange OkEX, one of the world's largest, alongside Binance, which has established a customer service operation base in the country.

St. Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis has piloted its own digital currency known as DCash under the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union, further highlighting its crypto-friendly approach.

Antigua and Barbuda

In 2020, Antigua and Barbuda embarked on a Bitcoin-focused approach, marked by the government's enactment of laws aimed at fostering and safeguarding Bitcoin enterprises. This initiative materialized through the passage of the Digital Asset Bill in Antigua, signifying the nation's commitment to supporting and nurturing Bitcoin businesses.